Variety of different training options and courses.

How It Works

Our main job is to educate your dog— and to help you both speak the same language! Once your dog understands what a command or expectation means- and how to make a correct choice- they receive love and praise… and sometimes rewards and treats. When your pup makes a wrong choice, we guide them, and later train you, on what is expected. Our certified Master Trainers are experts in both verbal commands and hand signals so that your dog can respond to commands without relying on the leash or verbal commands to guide them. Through positive experiences they learn about consistency, reliability, and about good behavior.

Initial In-home Consultation

Our initial consultation is a multi-point assessment to evaluate your dog’s personality, your ability- and likeliness- to follow through with your part of the implementation process. During our meeting we will perform a nutritional assessment, provide a puppy-proofing evaluation of your home as a training environment and living sanctuary, and we will identify opportunities to foster a healthy relationship between your pet and you— particularly a benefit when pups are rescued as many have been through physical or mental trauma. Our greatest gift during this consultation is helping new owners understand the challenges and difficulties many folks don’t not even understand are present. As well, this is an opportunity for you to get to know the trainers, learn about our expertise, and identify a meaningful path forward. In the end, we will build you a customized training program based on the individual needs of your dog and yourself. Whether in an apartment or house- we have got you covered!

*This initial meeting is vital as we begin to build not only a relationship with your dog. You will leave the evaluation with an understanding of our love and dedication to dogs and several options for completing your dog’s training.

One-on-one Private Lessons, Group Classes, Virtual and Day Training experiences

Training Packages

During your training, we develop a strong foundation of confidence, communication, patience, and respect to help you foster a healthy relationship with your companion. Our training is conducted in various ways – at our state-of-the-art facility, in your home, or remotely based on the desired goals. Our expert trainers tackle disobedience, behavioral issues like PTSD/anxiety/aggression- we are also experts in house-breaking and puppies. Towards the end of your training, you will receive a demonstration of all that your dog has learned— but you will also have to demonstrate the acumen you have learned as part of your training in order to graduate. Remember, pet training is an investment in your quality of life and peace of mind. Our training approach is more than just training your pup; it’s also about training you, your family, and your friends. Success is largely equivalent about how consistently you apply your training and manage their expectations. ​ Our courses are offered in group classes, virtually (COVID-safe), private in-home training

One-on-One Training

Individual Session $135/session

Package: 5 Sessions $575 (15% Savings)

10 Session (18% Savings)

20-minute Virtual Session


FaceTime/ZOOM session $20

Package: 6 Sessions $100 (20% Savings)

Seminar (Group Classes)

Meet your neighbors, ask your questions, find companionship in our 30-minute classes. Complementary beer, wine, champagne, coffee, Perrier, Tea is included!

Cost to Attend: $15

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